Queer Bonds - 02.23.2009


Queer Bonds

February 23rd, 2009



“I love my country, but I think it’s time we start to see other people.”- Judith Butler

“I don’t know what his sexuality is.  I couldn’t find it.” – Terri Castle

“How some lives are considered liveable, and others considered unliveable, and so un-immortable” – Judith Butler

These are some of the many quotes that pierced out at me during the forums and compelled me to write them down, to give them a physical, visual presence, and therefore make them immortal.  The most compelling statement in the forum for me, though, was one that caught me so off guard, that I had to no time to write it down just as it had been born from it’s speakers voice.  It was Judith Butler’s explanation of the fragility of the body.  She spoke of the human body’s dependence on exterior elements for survival.  When Butler spoke of this, she intended, mainly, to refer to the dependence of humans to other humans, and therefore to the Bonds section of phrase Queer Bonds.  What I took from the statement was its relationship to the human need to re-align our exterior elements so that we can acquire from them what it is that we exactly desire.  In respect to queer studies, I find that this basic, carnal human dependence on exterior elements like food, water, air, comfort, love, etc. can also be extended to understanding, perception and self-reflection.  We also desire a reflection of ourselves from outside of our physical bodies.  We want to be seen as we feel we are.  We NEED to be understood as we ARE.  This is the importance of forums such as these.  It is a reassessment of our internal selves.  Of who we are, so that we can properly carry out the realignment of the external forces that reflect ourselves to us.