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"Touch & Tell" Harvest Gallery & Niehoff Urban Studio, Cincinnati, OH

“Touch & Tell” (2015)

A twin interactive installation in Cincinnati at both Niehoff Urban Studio (Clifton) and Harvest Gallery (Over- the-Rhine). Works in Niehoff Urban Studio explore the color Black and its associations; works in Harvest Gallery explore the color White and its associations.


Touch is exhibited at Harvest Gallery. 

Materials: Cotton, Human Hair, IPod Shuffle with recording “Touch Me”, Headphones, Hand Sanitizer, Paper Napkins, Waste Bin


Tell is exhibited in Niehoff Urban Studio.

Materials: Wood, Black Gesso, Scavenged “wild” Charcoal, Used Paper Napkins from Touch

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1:30 PM13:30

Live Art Magazine - 11.03.2013


Academy of Music Theatre in Northampton, MA 

LIVE ART MAGAZINE  features filmmakers, writers, photographers, dancers, poets and musicians performing exciting new work for the stage within the format of a magazine. Shorter pieces up front, features next. One live issue a year. Please join me and attend!

Check out the amazing lineup here

Two simple steps to make this happen:

1. BUY a ticket 

2. REGISTER for the invite-only pre-party here: liveartmagazine.org

**It is important to note that you MUST REGISTER via our website to get on the 

pre-party invite list.

 The pre-party will be rockin - free beer from Abandoned Building Brewery, hard cider from two local cider makers, delicious snacks from Chanterelle, and one of the best DJ's in the valley! 

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