Brave Souls

Yesterday was inspiring. I met so many brave souls, generous enough to share their stories of pain and survival. From cancer patients and broken bones, to car accidents and unrequited love. Thank you all for taking the time to sit and share your story with me and the community. 


One person told me that getting into a car accident where they was pronounced 'dead at the scene' was transformative not only physically but also mentally. "I was finally able to meditate because I was immobile. All the shit in my head just disappeared." Another person told me "Getting hurt made me appreciate all the things I can do with my body when I'm healthy."


For internal scars, there were a lot of heartbreaks and stories of loving those that didn't love us back.  Stories of coming to the edge of wanting to continue living and finding our way back. Throughout all of these, there is a thread of resilience and pride that is rightfully earned. 


The night was busy and the line was long. Some people could not wait to get their scars printed in time and drew their scars instead, which was great. If you would like to get your scars printed and share your story, I will be here most days while the museum is open. Stop by to say hello and read others' stories.